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1.  The Masonic Ritual 

2. Thought the D.A.  Said I'd Walk

    (But That Wasn't The Plan)

Well, I'm the kind of guy

Who winds up in the head

Ear half bitten off

and all around me going  red

G-Men swarming everywhere

Guess I'm the Son of Man

Thought the D.A. said I'd walk

But that wasn't the plan

At the bottom of a highball

There's a sea of human bone

Where palm trees sway

All roads lead to me

It's etched in stone

So hand that boy another Coca Cola

Life's no fun

But hey, it ain't so miserable

A whole ocean of Coke

Enough to drown in

You want to hang yourself

You'll need a bigger piece of rope

Well, I'm the kind of guy

Who ends up in the mud

Dodging cans of Burma Shave

All this village wants is blood

Somewhere in the bush

They're trading dope for cuckoo clocks

While a thousand pounds of leechee nuts

Lie rotting on the docks

When I'm dead

A shrunken head

Bone through the nose

I'll know

In some perfect world

Judas lived to run a tackle shop in Rome


You and whose army

Fought over the spoils

When my kingdom comes

Where customers' king

With God in his Heaven and Life Magazine

The telephone rings

Uncle Sam ordering a shitload of trouble for me

3.  All for Nothing!  Nothing For All!

Dreamed I was your father

Cried, I laughed, I squirmed

Saw the tree the angel held

Crossing fields as they burned

The world and his wife 

She said will you ever learn?

If I confess

Tear me to pieces

Just say the word and I lose my nerve

But why walk away

When I can crawl

All for nothing, nothing for all

Madam, I'm Adam

And I was here when the world was still new

Wounded in two places

Haven't heard a train in weeks

Any good happens tomorow

I won't know when to speak

This is not my life

You said I would never learn

With far more than five hundred speeches

Just say the word and I lose my nerve

So knock down the doors

And bang on the walls

All for nothing, nothing for all

We'll always have this moment

to break to pieces

Feel ashamed

Choke on life

Poison dreams

That we lash out to blame

This is not my life

I said will I ever learn?

You don't reject me

Will you receive me

Just say the word

And I lose my nerve

But why walk away

When I can crawl

All for nothing, nothing for all

4. (I Did It) Your Way

Send his wife a dozen roses

What's the big idea?

Why order from the menu

If all that you wanted was steak?

Something's fishy here

You think it can swim?

Got another floater here


Yeah, a little bit

This method acting waiter

He's a Shylock to your Juliet

While the economy crumbles

It's raining bowling balls and anvils

So we can't see the falls

And chances are

Goons down at City Hall

Don't sing O Solo Mio

And maybe it's something I  said

Hold your breath

Step in trouble so deep

You won't know if you're falling

Or maybe it's something I say

Watch the waves fall away

is this learning to walk or just crawling

Two knees knocking at the end of the plank

Three checks floating

to Havana and back again

Four out of five bookies to agree

I took the blows and did it your way

I was an old hare too

And I ran

5. Anywhere But  America

This sinners' at the Pearly Gates

With a one way ticket

And a carry-on case

He shrugs and smiles

Okay, he says

Anywhere but America

He blends into a crowd of passengers

I make a vow right then and there

One day I'll go

Where no one cares about America

Tell everyone the difference

Between right and wrong

Ten thousand miles away

The day begins for half-a-million strong

This is where I belong

Nothing sooner said got done

So keep those cards and letters coming

I sign them all

Wish I was there

Far away from America

I'll throw the first punch and the last out 

I'm the baby and the bathwater

All washed up on some far shore

Where no one's heard about America

Show everyone how bridges burn

And lines are drawn

Half a world away

I'll walk these winding streets

from dusk to dawn

This is where I belong

Put the whole Third World to rights

And when you're done

There's time enough for battles won

My lessons learned

And I'll be gone

This is where I belong

6.  Dead Drunk for the Fatherland 

I'm locked in the darkroom

When my neighbor screams

His wife digs the ditch

Plants the man of her dreams

I get this sinking feeling

The room starts to lean

Her knife's long as my arm

Her head's full of steam

When the clocks all strike twelve

As they crash down the stairs

I'm grabbing a lampshade

I can't find a chair

Dead drunk for the fatherland

When war was declared

Now we're free

At Rue Du Bac Station

Down on my hands and my knees

Out here digging trenches

A map of the moon

Holes halfway to Capetown

We'll freeze to death soon

Scraping at the ground

with a wet paper cup

Had this all figured out

But it isn't enough

When no one pays attention

All eyes are on you

Look up at the stars

And count barrage balloons

Must be someone sang

And I'm wondering whether it's me

At Rue Du Bac Station

Counting the hours 'till we leave

If all that I am

Is this cold Montmartre room

Throw me out with the bedpan

Sweep me up with a broom

The way from the cradle to tomb

Leads to base infamy

But at Rue Du Bac Station

Something is waiting for me

7.  Have You Heard the Robin Weep?

How many angels

Are there up there?

As many as the devils down here?

Sloppy drunk and living

In our hearts and minds 

Under the people's hands

When all we wanted was to live

But we were blind men, weren't we

Soldiers of the cross

Postage stamps

in the Kingdom of the Joneses

And I feel more lonely

Than  I've ever been

Have you ever heard a robin weeping?

Have you ever heard the robin weep?

You may forgive us

Well, we won't be forgiven

There is rancor in our hearts

You've scarcely dreamed of

But we hold our tongues

Until our breath is gone

We've been dodging left hooks

Since the time began

And wishings' never done a lot

of anybody good

8.  The Masonic Ritual (Part 2)

Three times three

Mah ha bone


Come on my wayward waif

Five dollars you're a punk

Someone blow this place skyhigh

It's filled with jerks and drunks

And I'm the living proof of it

A prophet, I haven't a clue

I'm waiting for the world to end

I'm just another you

The bravest kid who ever lived

A headline with a heart

The sweetest girl in the whole wide wrld

And here's the funny part

I'm stuck with two and two again

I don't know where to start

There's twenty kindergarten children outside

To sing for you

I'll be there at the end sailor

I'll be there waving goodbye

She's riding painted clouds up to

the angels in the sky

I'll walk right out the window

Our's is but to do or die

I've gone to face the end alone

Like an elephant

On a pile of bones

Outside the church

I'll Godbless everyone

Climb down off my perch and sing

Danny Boy when I'm done

Walk you through the ruins

And throw all my old shoes

I'm waiting for the world to end

I'm just another you

9.  Nat King Cole

I'm talking to the wall and

I'm speaking in tongues

Crawling under the floorboards

Death's door

Banging on the dash of the Caddy

We're riding to the airport

I'm living through hell

Hank's lying in the backseat

Nat King Cole

Push buttons on the radio

Still can't see this stinking river

But I can smell the rain

Hours before it's coming down

Smeared black on the horizon

Lightning flashes in the desert

Ions cracking in the ether

Heard a million weary voices

Calling out their names

Ran away one Father's Day

Left this world when I was twenty

Took the bend but  I went headlong

Into this stinking river

Here I'll lie a  thousand years

Kiss the white stones in this garden

Come the day I raise these bones

I'll climb a west bound freight

10.  Little Laika Satellite

If I'm not too busy marching

Off the edge of the world

Without a single care or brain in my head

Lead me to the slaughter

and I'll have no regrets

My neck's on the block with all of the rest

We sing political nursery rhymes

A cold day in hell

There's a fairytale religion

An American Dream

Tell me bedtime stories

I know what I'm going to believe

And from here you look a little like a satellite

Winking on the edge of the world

Watch o'er me Mrs. Calabash

And ships lost at sea

Dots and dashes on a cup with a spoon

This is my sound advice

From this my diving bell

A scientific myth and a prayer

Tell me another one

Before I run out of air

And from here you look a little like a satellite.

All songs published by Big Smash Music

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